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Documentazione Tecnica


Principali recensioni internazionali indipendenti:
  • This Technology Is About to Revolutionize Beer-Making. (2016). link articolo... [MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, USA]
  • Bernot, K., & Fowle, Z. (2017). The next round of beer innovations. link articolo... [DRAFT MAGAZINE, USA]
  • Sandy, D. (2017). Cavitation salvation. link articolo... [THE CRAFTY PINT, AUSTRALIA]
  • Graber-Stiehl, I. (2017). The Latest Alcohol Trend: Brewing Like a Mantis Shrimp. link articolo... [OZY - FAST FORWARD, USA]
  • Italia Oggi - Risiko Agricolo: CAVIBEER tra le notizie strategiche  dell'industria agro-alimentare. (Link PDF...)
  • Jenkins, S. (2018). Brewing Technology: An Old Art Looks Forward. Chemical Engineering. Stati Uniti d'America. link ariticolo
Principali articoli scientifici (se non accessibili, saranno resi disponibili su richiesta):

  • Albanese, L., Ciriminna, R., Meneguzzo, F., & Pagliaro, M. (2015). Energy efficient inactivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae via controlled hydrodynamic cavitation. Energy Science & Engineering, 3(3), 221–238. link articolo...
  • Albanese, L., Ciriminna, R., Meneguzzo, F., & Pagliaro, M. (2017). Beer-brewing powered by controlled hydrodynamic cavitation: Theory and real-scale experiments. Journal of Cleaner Production, 142, 1457–1470. link articolo...
  • Albanese, L., Ciriminna, R., Meneguzzo, F., & Pagliaro, M. (2017). Gluten reduction in beer by hydrodynamic cavitation assisted brewing of barley malts. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 82, 342–353. link articolo...
  • Albanese, L., Ciriminna, R., Meneguzzo, F., & Pagliaro, M. (2018). Innovative beer-brewing of typical, old and healthy wheat varieties to boost their spreading. Journal of Cleaner Production, 171, 297–311. link articolo...
  • Ciriminna, R., Albanese, L., Di Stefano, V., Delisi, R., Avellone, G., Meneguzzo, F., & Pagliaro, M. (2018). Beer produced via hydrodynamic cavitation retains higher amounts of xanthohumol and other hops prenylflavonoids. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 91, 160–167. link articolo...
Principali Conferenze internazionali:

  • Meneguzzo, F. (2017). Cavibeer. Cavitation-powered beer: from laboratory to industry and brewery. In Journée d’étude - Classic hits and new deals. Istitut Meurice, Brussels: ARFB - Association Royale des anciens élèves de l’institut des industries de Fermentation de Bruxelles. MENEGUZZO-CAVIBEER-Bruxelles-13Oct2017.PDF
  • Meneguzzo, F. (2018). Cavibeer. Harnessing the power of hydrodynamic cavitation in the beer sector. In L. De Cooman (Ed.), 13th International Trends in Brewing. Ghent, Belgium, April 8th-12th 2018: KU Leuven. MENEGUZZO-CAVIBEER-Ghent-11Apr2018.PDF
  • Meneguzzo, F., Albanese, L., 2018. Advancing a new technological standard in beer brewing powered by hydrodynamic cavitation, in: Dular, M. (Ed.), Workshop on Cavitation Exploitation. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27-28 September, 2018. "MENEGUZZO-CAVIBEER-WCE-28Sep2018"
Report tecnico:

  • Meneguzzo, F., Albanese, L. (2017). Cooperazione tra CDR e CNR-IBIMET nell’ambito della ricerca per l’innovazione dei processi di produzione della birra. CDR Paper 1703. Firenze, Italy. link articolo...

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